February 22, 2016

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Haute Pink's Bachelor Fantasy League {8th Rose Ceremony: HOMETOWNS}

Hi Lovies! It's Finally Happening, HOMETOWNS!

If You've Seen The Last Seven Weeks Of The Bachelor (And We Know You Have!), Then You Know Things Are Definitely Heating Up Between Our Bachelor Babe (Ben Higgins) And The Four Remaining Ladies (Lauren, JoJo, Caila, And Amanda.)

Tonight, The Bachelor Babe, Ben Higgins, Will Travel Across The Country On An Exciting, Emotionally Charged Journey To Visit The Final Fours Hometowns Of The Final 4 Girls. In The Previous Episode Of the Bachelor, Little Clips Are Released Of Ben At Each Of the Ladies Homes....

At Amanda's Home Town, Her Parents Are Concerned If Ben Is Ready To Be An Immediate Full-Time Dad Of Her Two Adorable Girls... He Also Seems To Be Super Over-Whelmed With The Kids In Several "Upcoming Episode" Clips..Yikes! 

At Lauren's Home Town, Her Sister Has Some Serious Questions For Ben Before She Gives Her Approval.

At Caila's Home Town, Her Father Did Not Seem Too Accepting Of Ben, Not Thinking He Is Worthy Enough To Be With Her.

At Jojo's Home Town, Her Brother Vocally Bashes Ben And The Show The Bachelor Stating It "Brainwashes" The Ladies.. It Also Looks As If She Receives A Bouquet Of Roses From A "Former Flame" During Her Hometown Date.. {I Mean, What's The Chances Right?!}

After Last Weeks Episode, All Of Us At Haute Pink Were Completely Stumped On Who We Are Sending Home In Tonight's Rose Ceremony. Three Of Our Four Shop Girls (Krystal, Christi, And Maddey) Chose To send Home Amanda While Keeping Lauren, JoJo, And Caila. Our Last Shop Girl, Whitney, Decided Otherwise Sending Home Caila, While Keeping Lauren, JoJo, And Amanda. Who Do you Think Ben Will Send Home?

                                                                             -XOXO Haute Pink


1ST PLACE (TIE): Krystal With 230 Points & Christi With 230 Points


3RD PLACE: Maddey With 222 Points

4TH PLACE: Whitney With 213 Points