February 29, 2016

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Haute Pink's Bachelor Fantasy League {9th Rose Ceremony}

 Hi lovies! We're down to the last three girls on this season of "The Bachelor": Caila, JoJo & Lauren {I mean c'mon we all knew a Lauren would make it this far being that 5 out of the 28 girls were in fact "Laurens!"}

This week we all seem to agree that Ben will be sending home Caila {as sweet & as adorable as she is}, & keeping Lauren B. and JoJo.

And Now.. Our Favorite Tweets/Moments From Last Weeks Hometown Dates {Pictures Courtesy Of UsWeekly}:

Michelle wrote: I'm not 100% comfortable with Ben's capri pants in the opener but I like the fact that HE is.  -- & we have to agree with Michelle, I don't think we are either!! 

"Olivia's Mouth" {twitter acct} wrote: JoJo got the rose. JoJo's mom got the rosé. ??  -- After JoJo's hometown date we felt so awkward we were ready to throw back a bottle of wine with JoJo's mom!! 

And icing on the cake... Larissa wrote: The background music to this should be "I can't feel my face when I'm with you" or ya know, ever... ? LOL!

So, going into tonight's episode the big question is: was JoJo's super awkward hometown date & over-protective brothers enough to get her the boot tonight? Or will her chemistry with Ben pull her on through to the final rose ceremony?! She is going to have to do something to make up for her brothers... Yikes!! 

... And will Caila's "plastic house date" be enough to WOW Ben into taking her to the finals next week?!.. We're thinking probably not! As cute & sweet as Caila seems, we are starting to wonder if her over-the-top personality may be as fake as this house that they built!? 

... You can bet we will be watching!! #TeamLauren


1ST PLACE (TIE): Krystal With 275 Points & Christi With 275 Points


3RD PLACE: Maddey With 267 Points

4TH PLACE: Whitney With 243 Points